Friday, November 16, 2012

Let's Have a PinyPon Party!

First off, what is PinyPon?  I had never heard of them until recently.  Come to find out that the PinyPon brand was popular in the 80's and 90's. As an 80s-90s child myself, I'm super surprised I hadn't heard of them, and a little bit sad because they are so fun!  They are a little different these days than their past forms, because of course over the years tastes change and things need to be updated and modernized.  In 2009, PinyPon creator FAMOSA relaunched the brand with all new PinyPon dolls and accessories!  The dolls focus on fashion and pets, and there is an apartment and caravan that are very popular with the young crowd.
Dolls of all kind help children to develop social skills, they can entertain children individually, but are also fantastic and even more fun when you get together with other children.  PinyPon dolls especially since their bodies, hair, clothing, and accessories are all interchangeable, so children can mix and match, swap and share, and create their own little PinyPon fashions and stories.  I love that there are also boy dolls and fashions so these are not just for girls.
Just a note though, that PinyPon toys are especially designed and manufactured for boys and girls who are 4 years or older. Their use is not recommended for younger boys and girls, since they contain small parts that could be swallowed.
I was recently able to host a PinyPon party!  I lovvve parties.  Any excuse for one is fine by me, so I was more than thrilled when FAMOSA and BSM Media teamed up and sent me some really fun supplies, like two PinyPon Caravans, and twelve PinyPon dolls!  Not only that, but they included Nenuco dolls as well.
Looks like childhood fun in the making!
Bright, fun PinyPon Caravans.
Adorable and sweet Nenuco dolls.
To start the party off right, we cut these cards and had a Scavenger hunt that lead the kids to their special PinyPon dolls!  This was so much fun!
Awesome coupon swag for the guests! 
Checking out the Caravan.
The kiddos finding PinyPon dolls.
Found one!
The hair comes off so you can change styles, and I love that the heads are hollow because it's a great place to keep the tiny little snap on accessories.
Breaking out the Caravan.  My only complaint is that some of the doors come off during play and can be difficult for the kids to put back on (and some were even tricky for me!).  We all LOVED the working shower for some water play though!!
Such fun little accessories!
Play Time!
Some Justin Bieber got invited for a ride in the Caravan?  Teehee!
Ooooh, just her style!
Nenuco doll needed to go potty!  ;)
Taking good care of "Baby Bella!"
PinyPon dolls going for a boat ride.
Looks like somebody thinks these dolls are great!
So cute! 
As you can see, we had a lot fun mixing and matching and creating fun styles and the kids had a blast playing with the dolls and the Caravans.  We decorated our own cupcakes and just had some good old fashioned FUN!  I think I know some kiddos who might be putting PinyPon on their holiday wish lists this year!
Thanks PinyPon for a great party experience!
If you'd like more information or just to show your support for PinyPon and Nenuco, be sure to follow these Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as check out the websites (where you might be able to find special coupons and savings as well!).

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