Sunday, December 18, 2011

Dreaming of the Summer Heat and a Cold Dip

As you all know, we just purchased what we would like to be our "forever" home. I grew up in a military family and moved quite a bit, and then once I grew up, I married a man who was in the military and moved around some more. It's so nice to finally feel like this is IT, I can really put down roots and work on making this our family's dream home.

I realize that it's almost the end of December, and it even snowed today here! I can't help but dream of sweet summer days lounging by the pool. The pool in my dreams, anyway. We don't have one at our new home, but our yard is plenty big enough and I'd love to put one in. I have such fond memories of swimming as a child, and I'd like to be able to have pool parties with my kids and enjoy splashing around in the cool, refreshing waters on a hot summer day.

Of course, since I am an adult, I will have to face the reality that pools need upkeep...maintenance. Not to mention setting up and installing a new pool will be quite a task. What would be better, an above ground pool? In ground? I'm thinking above ground might be safer. Probably less expensive as well. I will be the first to admit I know nothing about pool supplies, pool accessories, or taking care of pools. I'm willing to learn though! Until then though, I'll just keep on dreaming of sweet summer days while I sip hot cocoa and stare out the window at the snow.

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Blue Sky Scrubs

A few years ago...okay, okay, more like ten (ten!  I feel so old!) years ago, I worked as a nursing assistant in an assisted living facility. I have fond memories of that time period in my life. I know this is completely nerdy, but I always had so much fun looking through catalogs of fun women's scrubs that would come in the mail. I will admit that I wasn't really crazy about having to wear them all the time, but I quicky realized that not only are they incredibly comfortable, but they can be so cute too!  See:

I'd like to take a moment to recommend Blue Sky Scrubs. They have a great selection (cheap nursing scrubs). With as many of my shirts that end up with paint or food or goodness knows what on them here at home...maybe I should just invest in a couple comfy pairs of scrubs to wear around the house? I don't know, I think I would feel silly wearing them while not in a medical or lab type profession, but it's a nice idea since they wash and wear so easily.

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Do you have a lot of junk that you need to get rid of quickly? Furniture, appliances, electronics, tires, yard waste, or construction debris? 1-800-GOT-JUNK? is a full service junk removal company, offering junk removal services for your home, business, construction site, or whatever you need. The goal is to make sure that your junk gets recycled, donated, or disposed of responsibly (Shenandoah Junk removal). 1-800-GOT-JUNK? has got you covered and can take away almost any material that can fit in their trucks. You won't have to do a thing, they will take care of you and make sure you're not left with any of your unwanted junk.

All you have to do is call 1-800-468-5865, or book an appointment with these guys online. When they arrive, just show them what you want to be rid of, and they do all the work. Sounds awesome to me! We really could have used a service like this while we were moving. We had a garage full of stuff (JUNK!) we just didn't know what to do with, and with everything else we had going on, we just didn't feel like sorting through it all and taking it to the right places. I love that they make sure to recycle, or donate what they can. They make it a priority to look out for the environment and I think that is so awesome.

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New & Improved Triple Action Purex Laundry Detergent

As a Purex Insider, I'm always excited to tell you about the great products that Purex puts on the market.  As a Mom, who has a LOT of laundry, I'm always excited to test out these great products myself.  I'm one of those crazy ladies who loves laundry detergent and fabric softeners.  I only wish I loved to actually DO the laundry as much as I love to just smell the detergents, haha.  I bet my husband wishes the same thing.  Scent is really important to me when I'm doing laundry...but so is using a high quality laundry detergent so that I don't have to worry about pre-treating every single stain, or pulling something out of the dryer only to have to put it right back into the laundry pile because the stain is still there.  I've been using Purex for years because it's affordable, quality detergent, and it just doesn't let me down.

Recently, Purex sent me a bottle of their New and Improved Triple Action, Bright-White-Clean, Detergent.  I recieved the Mountain Breeze scent, and it's fabulous.  So fresh, and so clean!  My scent loving nose definitely approves, and let me tell you, while it does smell great, it's not at all overpowering and you're not going to be sneezing or getting a headache because it's lingering in your fabrics.  If scents just generally bother you though, there is also a Free & Clear version available as well, I just haven't tried that one because, well, no scent would just take all the fun out of laundry for me!  Wait, did I just say laundry is fun?  Um... 

Really though, I can't wait to try all of the great scents, like After the Rain, Lavender Fresh, Original Fresh, Linen and Lillies (my favorite!), and Lilac & White Lavender.  I realize these scents have been out for awhile, but with this new and improved formula I'll have to try them all again anyway.  For...research purposes...yes.  I'm sure my husband won't mind if I come home with five bottle of laundry detergent at one time.  :D

So anyways.  Over the past year or so, the scientists that work for Purex have been working really hard to make the Purex formula even BETTER, while still maintaining affordability and value for consumers.  Purex is confident that their mission was successful, and I have to say that I agree!

I have two daughters, ages five and four who lovvve to play in the mud, do art projects and just plain get MESSY!  Plus a husband (ewww, grimy work clothes and sweaty workout clothes!) and well, I'm just clumsy myself so I'm always spilling something.  This new Purex has been working very well for our needs, and I'll definitely be purchasing more.  I do still need to pre-treat some stains, but it's not a big deal if I forget.  This is good stuff!

Oh!  And just like all of Purex's current detergents, these are specially formulated to work with traditional and HE washers. 

Keep an eye out here in the next few weeks, as I should be having a giveaway for some FREE Purex, so you can test this new and improved formula out for yourself.  Yeah!!

Also, beginning in early 2012, Purex will bring back, and will be giving out free samples.  I'll be sure to post a reminder as soon as I hear this site is live. 

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EdenFantasys Highlight 12/18

I am pretty much done with my holiday shopping, save for a few odds and ends.  How about you?  What's left on your list?

If you have someone special to shop for, I just wanted to let you know that you still have time to order from EdenFantasys!  They're offering FREE (3-5 day) shipping on orders of $25 or more, or FREE UPS next day express shipping on orders of $100 or more.  Free two day shipping as well for orders of $80 or more.  No special codes needed!  Awesome! 

Not only that, but they've got some great coupon codes out right now too.  Check them out:

15% off $30 with WISH15
20% off $50 with WISH20
25% off $100 with WISH25
30% off $150 with WISH30

(Please note that coupon codes are only valid with regular priced items.)

There are tons of items on sale right now too, and even a free beach towel when you buy $20 of Bath and Beauty products.  Plus you always have the option of adding a free gift to your order as well, just click the Free Gift Get It Here button!

EdenFantasys doesn't just carry sex toys, they have tons of great lingerie, music, bath, body, and beauty products as well.  Here are a few of my favorite recent additions that would be perfect for holiday gift giving!

 Cake's Vanilla Snow Woman Glistening Trio, featuring Bath and Shower Gel.
This looks sooooo nice, and I think I will probably end up ordering one for myself!
Bella in Bloom Makeup Palettes.
I lovvve makeup!  These palettes are so cute and there are lots to choose from.

12 Days of Christmas Lip Set (there is a Happy Hannukah version as well!)
How cute is this?  You could definitely split this up as well to add to individual gifts or for stocking stuffers.

Cake's Sweet Escape Desserted Island Duo
Yum!  I reallyyyyy wish computers had scratch and sniff.  I bet this smells amazing!

Be sure to check them out to see if there's anything you might need to finish up your holiday shopping this year!  :o)

Sexy Christmas gifts from EdenFantasys - the sex toys shop you can trust!


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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Cuddle Barn Storytime Teddie Winner!

And we have a winner!

The winner of the Cuddle Barn Storytime Teddie interactive bear is...

Are you ready?

Comment number 3!  I'll be emailing you in just a moment, and I hope you enjoy your prize!

Anonymous said... 3
Decorating the tree!

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ends Tomorrow!

Hi everyone!

Just a quick reminder that our latest giveaway ends tomorrow at 8pm!

Get those entries in!

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

3-Day Sale

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sprint for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

As you all probably know by now, I am still (yes, still) stuck in the dark ages with no cell phone.  By choice, too! But every year as phones get updated more and more, I find myself wishing, just a little, that I had one.  It's probably better that I don't.  I mean, I normally spend way too much time on the computer and messing around on Facebook as it is.  If I had one of these awesome Android™ powered EVO 4G devices, I'd probably never put it down! 

Anyway, just because I'm still stuck in the dark ages, doesn't mean I didn't want to let you know about the great sale that Sprint has going on right now.  For three days, from December 12th though the 14th Sprint is rocking great holiday deals.  Online only, you can get the HTC EVO 4G (which has awesome customer reviews), or the EVO Shift, for FREE at Sprint online.  Check it out:

Plus!  You can get the activation waived for new lines of service, AND free shipping from Sprint online here at http://bit.y/rBqHmY

I don't know about you, but that is a pretty tempting offer!

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Monday, December 12, 2011

Cuddle Barn Storytime Teddy Review & Giveaway!

Hi, everyone!  I hope you're all having a wonderful December.  I'm sorry I have been so scarce lately, we've had a lot going on these past few weeks/months.  Health issues for one thing.  I don't really want to go in to everything on that end right now, but I've been needing to rest a lot and not spend so much time on the computer.  The other big thing that's been keeping me so busy, is that we finally bought our (hopefully!) forever home!  I absolutely love it an I'll be sure to share some pictures as I finish unpacking and work on decorating. We have over 1,000 more square feet than we had in our previous home and it's marvelous.  I'm trying to work through my health issues and get as much as I can done before Christmas so we can host our family Christmas dinner. 

So, speaking of the holidays and decorating for Christmas, I wanted to share with you an absolutely adorable product I recieved a few weeks ago from Cuddle Barn and Mom Select.  Cuddle Barn makes so many wonderful children's toys, and I was super excited for the opportunity because I just knew my girls would love it.  I was sent the Storytime Teddie, which retails for $29.99.  Teddie is such a special treat for children of all ages.  This 12" tall bear is soft and cuddly, and can be used for play or for Christmas decor.  I had Teddie in our entry way on a table, but my children enjoy him so much that I keep finding him all over the house.  I don't mind at all, he's very sturdy.  What makes Teddie so special, aside from the fantastic quality and soft cuddly appearance, is that when you press his paw, he recites The Night Before Christmas.  His head and body moves, and his mouth opens and closes as he reads the story, and it's just so magical for young children to be able to listen to this classic Christmas poem read by Storytime Teddie.

See, how cute is this bear?!  Not at ALL too loud or annyoing like some of these type of toys/decorations can be.  We have had several that we've had to hide because they're just insanely loud (and the grandparents who bought them for our children were snickering as they gave them to us, I'm SURE!  haha!).  You won't have that problem with this bear, he's loud enough to be heard, but reads in a soft and soothing tone, and is accompanied by light music. 

If you'd like to purchase one for yourself, be sure to use code BSM2011 to save 15% off your order at the Cuddle Barn Online Store!  Plus, keep reading for a giveaway!

Storytime Teddie takes just three AA batteries, which were already included in our bear.  You will need a screwdriver to replace the batteries, but I will say that as much as my children have carried Teddie around and listened to him retell The Night Before Christmas, we've not yet had to even think about replacing the batteries.  Teddie wears a super soft, neutral colored hoodie so he's perfect for everyone.  I love that my children listen to this bear read the poem so often, because I remember having to memorize this poem in school when I was in the fouth grade, so I feel like it's giving them a little head start in memorizing it themselves should that be something that's required of them in school, and in my opinion it's just a really great story to know anyway.  Last year I tracked down my favorite (out of print) copy of The Night Before Christmas, because I wanted to be sure to create the tradition of reading it on Christmas Eve every year.  My girls will take out the book and look at the pictures and read along with Teddie.  It's absolutely adorable.  I do have some video to share with you all, and I will update this to include it as soon as possible.  With the move, my camera cord seems to have decided to take a vacation.  Hopefully he returns soon, haha.  I think this bear would make an awesome gift for any child this Christmas.

One lucky reader, will win a Storytime Teddie by Cuddle Barn!  Woohoo!

US only.

Mandatory Entry:

Tell me one of your favorite holiday traditions.

Extra Entries:

-Tweet the following and leave me the link to your tweet.

I just entered to win a #CuddleBarn #StorytimeTeddie @FlipFlopReviews! Enter here:

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-Enter one of our other current giveaways and let me know which one you entered. (Feel free to leave one comment for each giveaway entered)

This giveaway will end on 12/16/2011 at 8pm EST. Any entries after that will not count. Please make sure that you leave an email address or some way to contact you in your comments. If we can't figure out how to get in touch with you, you can't win! :o) Good luck! 

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hartstrings - Review

Hartstrings has been celebrating the joy of children for more than thirty years.  Founded in 1979, by Peggy Hart Earle, Hartstrings has been providing fine quality children's clothing for children from birth to around age twelve.  They pride themselves on unique, stylish, modern, and yet still age appropriate clothing for children. 

To be quite honest, I had never heard of Hartstrings until recently when I was approached by MomSelect with a $100 gift card, to review my shopping experience with Hartstrings.  I quickly made a beeline for the website to check out what kind of clothing they offered and immediately fell in love with the selection.  I couldn't wait to do the review! 

The closest Hartstrings store to me is an outlet store, about an hour away.  So, my mom (and blogging partner!) decided to make a day of it on a day my husband was working and take the girls out shopping.  We browsed the outlet stores and had a nice dinner before heading home.  We had a little difficulty finding the store because there are just soooo many stores at this outlet mall, and not mention all the holiday shoppers.  I was worried the Hartstrings store would be packed, but I was pleasantly surprised that, while there were other customers, it wasn't so crowded that I couldn't shop. 

Once we got to the store we were promptly greeted by a manager and store personnel.  They were very helpful and courteous and it was absolutely a breath of fresh air.  The store was clean and very well organized.  It was easy to browse and I found WAY too many things I wanted to take home with me.

I was a little floored at some of the price tags...some of the clothing is quite expensive.  More than I would pay for clothing for myself even, however, the quality is fantastic and there is probably quite a lot of resale value in their clothing, as well as that the clothes are so well made they will last and won't fall apart easily, even with rough wear.  Sometimes, you just get what you pay for.  I was in luck however, that we were at an outlet store.  Almost everything was an additional 40% off of the price tag, AND you got 20% off everything at the register.  It made for some really awesome deals.  You all know how much I like a good deal!  :o)

There was even a clearance section with 60-75% off ticketed prices.  They even had handy charted posted by the racks to help you know just how much items would be with the percent off.  For someone who is really bad at math, and even worse at math with two little ones running around, I love when stores do this.  It makes my shopping experience just a little bit easier. 

So now that I've babbled on and on, I want to give you a little tour of the Hartstrings store we shopped at, and a peek at some of the adorable-ness we saw there!  I *love* having little girls to dress, there is just SO.MUCH.CUTE!  I didn't forget to snap a few pictures of the boys clothing though.  They had some really cute clothes on the boys side too!

Baby Girl clothes!  CUTE!

The clothing was in sections by groups of sizes.  I wanted to share with you though that collections for different sizes, like this section of baby/toddler sizes were made to match collections for other age/size groups.

See?  These girls sizes match the baby/toddler sizes perfectly!  The coordinate, without being exactly the same.   I love that.

Little boys clothing.  I love it!

More for boys.  Really nice coats too.

My favorite section.  CLEARANCE!  Haha, that's always my favorite section.

I saw that they are looking for models too! 
I found a pair of "pajama jeans!"  Haha!  My four year old often tells me she wants pajama jeans, so I had to laugh when I saw these as they're perfect for her personality.

After spending quite some time browsing the entire store, we hit the dressing rooms!  You have to have an associate open them for you in the store we were at, but they were very quick to take care of anything we needed.  The dressing rooms were quite spacious as well, there was plenty of room for myself, my mom, and my two daughters to be in there while the girls tried on some clothes.  I found that everything was true to size and fit nicely!

We ended up purchasing five dresses and two pairs of tights.  Even with all of that, we still came in about $17 under our budget of $100 (generously provided by Hartstrings and MomSelect)!  I was really happy with the prices, especially once you added on the outlet's sale and the 20% off the entire total.  They were even running a promotion at the time for a free teddy bear with a $200 purchase.

Just a little fun at home!  It's been cold here so the girls have been wearing their dresses with jeans or leggings.  My oldest decided to wear her cowgirl boots with the pink dress, and I think it looks super cute.  My youngest has a fun personality and chose to wear some colorful, striped leggings with the black dress she has on (the dress came from Hartstrings, the leggings did not).  I'm seeing some sparkly silver tights with those black dresses!  Hartstrings had some but they were too big in the sizes that were in stock.  I was a little bummed!  Oh, and the dresses did come with silver belts, but we like them better without.  They've been wearing the belts with their jeans, though.  :o)

I would definitely recommend Hartstrings, and if you have one by you, you have to check them out!  Be sure to like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter as well! 

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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Smart Safari Piano Pal Hippo

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