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Hartstrings - Review

Hartstrings has been celebrating the joy of children for more than thirty years.  Founded in 1979, by Peggy Hart Earle, Hartstrings has been providing fine quality children's clothing for children from birth to around age twelve.  They pride themselves on unique, stylish, modern, and yet still age appropriate clothing for children. 

To be quite honest, I had never heard of Hartstrings until recently when I was approached by MomSelect with a $100 gift card, to review my shopping experience with Hartstrings.  I quickly made a beeline for the website to check out what kind of clothing they offered and immediately fell in love with the selection.  I couldn't wait to do the review! 

The closest Hartstrings store to me is an outlet store, about an hour away.  So, my mom (and blogging partner!) decided to make a day of it on a day my husband was working and take the girls out shopping.  We browsed the outlet stores and had a nice dinner before heading home.  We had a little difficulty finding the store because there are just soooo many stores at this outlet mall, and not mention all the holiday shoppers.  I was worried the Hartstrings store would be packed, but I was pleasantly surprised that, while there were other customers, it wasn't so crowded that I couldn't shop. 

Once we got to the store we were promptly greeted by a manager and store personnel.  They were very helpful and courteous and it was absolutely a breath of fresh air.  The store was clean and very well organized.  It was easy to browse and I found WAY too many things I wanted to take home with me.

I was a little floored at some of the price tags...some of the clothing is quite expensive.  More than I would pay for clothing for myself even, however, the quality is fantastic and there is probably quite a lot of resale value in their clothing, as well as that the clothes are so well made they will last and won't fall apart easily, even with rough wear.  Sometimes, you just get what you pay for.  I was in luck however, that we were at an outlet store.  Almost everything was an additional 40% off of the price tag, AND you got 20% off everything at the register.  It made for some really awesome deals.  You all know how much I like a good deal!  :o)

There was even a clearance section with 60-75% off ticketed prices.  They even had handy charted posted by the racks to help you know just how much items would be with the percent off.  For someone who is really bad at math, and even worse at math with two little ones running around, I love when stores do this.  It makes my shopping experience just a little bit easier. 

So now that I've babbled on and on, I want to give you a little tour of the Hartstrings store we shopped at, and a peek at some of the adorable-ness we saw there!  I *love* having little girls to dress, there is just SO.MUCH.CUTE!  I didn't forget to snap a few pictures of the boys clothing though.  They had some really cute clothes on the boys side too!

Baby Girl clothes!  CUTE!

The clothing was in sections by groups of sizes.  I wanted to share with you though that collections for different sizes, like this section of baby/toddler sizes were made to match collections for other age/size groups.

See?  These girls sizes match the baby/toddler sizes perfectly!  The coordinate, without being exactly the same.   I love that.

Little boys clothing.  I love it!

More for boys.  Really nice coats too.

My favorite section.  CLEARANCE!  Haha, that's always my favorite section.

I saw that they are looking for models too! 
I found a pair of "pajama jeans!"  Haha!  My four year old often tells me she wants pajama jeans, so I had to laugh when I saw these as they're perfect for her personality.

After spending quite some time browsing the entire store, we hit the dressing rooms!  You have to have an associate open them for you in the store we were at, but they were very quick to take care of anything we needed.  The dressing rooms were quite spacious as well, there was plenty of room for myself, my mom, and my two daughters to be in there while the girls tried on some clothes.  I found that everything was true to size and fit nicely!

We ended up purchasing five dresses and two pairs of tights.  Even with all of that, we still came in about $17 under our budget of $100 (generously provided by Hartstrings and MomSelect)!  I was really happy with the prices, especially once you added on the outlet's sale and the 20% off the entire total.  They were even running a promotion at the time for a free teddy bear with a $200 purchase.

Just a little fun at home!  It's been cold here so the girls have been wearing their dresses with jeans or leggings.  My oldest decided to wear her cowgirl boots with the pink dress, and I think it looks super cute.  My youngest has a fun personality and chose to wear some colorful, striped leggings with the black dress she has on (the dress came from Hartstrings, the leggings did not).  I'm seeing some sparkly silver tights with those black dresses!  Hartstrings had some but they were too big in the sizes that were in stock.  I was a little bummed!  Oh, and the dresses did come with silver belts, but we like them better without.  They've been wearing the belts with their jeans, though.  :o)

I would definitely recommend Hartstrings, and if you have one by you, you have to check them out!  Be sure to like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter as well! 

*I received one or more of the products mentioned above for the purposes of this review through the above mentioned company or representing PR agency. In the event of a giveaway, the prize is shipped by the sponsor and I hold no responsibility. Thank you for reading!

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