Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sanük - Yoga Mat Kids

It rhymes with look, it's Sanük!  “Sanük” is the Thai word for FUN, and as such, their name is also their mantra.  Headquartered in Southern California, Sanük began in 1997 when Jeff Kelley started making sandals out of inner tubes and indoor-outdoor carpet. The year 1998 marked their first full year of operations. Today they strive to make products that are both fun and functional, and their goal is to bring you creatively inspired, yet thoughtfully designed products for the global outdoor community. 

Rachel, at Sanük hooked my daughters up, each with a pair of fun Yoga Mat flip flops (how fitting, flip flops for Flip Flop Reviews!).  These sandals retail for $20 a pair, and provide super soft and squishy comfort for your feet.  In fact, Sanük says that they're "Like walking on marshmallows - extreme comfort!"

They feature:

  • Footbed Made Outta Real Yoga Mat!
  • Super Comfortable Contoured Strap and Wide Footbed
  • Handmade Synthetic Leather Upper with Embroidered Sanük Logo Detail
  • Synthetic Gingham Liner
  • Happy U Outsole
  • Vegan and Vegetarian
I let the girls choose the style and color and that was their pick, in pink and in aqua.  I love that they are vegan, and my girls seem to think they are very comfortable.  They often slip them on to wear around the house, and I don't blame them...  If I had the option to walk around on a marshamallow cloud every day, I would too.  I also appreciate the strap on the back to keep their (not so) little feet from slipping out (hey, they take after their dad! hehe).  At first they complained that the strap was too tight but after a few wears it loosened up just enough to be comfortable (and still hold the sandals on).  They are very well made, my girls are rough and tumble, even around the house and they are holding up great, as well the fabric is easy to wipe clean if necessary.  Hopefully Spring is on it's way soon and we'll be able to wear these cute little sandals outside too. 

(apparently I need to clean under their dressers, ha!)

Sanük offers a variety of laid-back, fun, and comfortable products to fit everyone's footwear needs, plus a selection of hats, hoodies, t-shirts and more!

Find them in your area today!


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