Saturday, October 13, 2012

UNJUNK Halloween with UNREAL

Candy that's NOT complete junk?  As a mom, I'm interested!  I love a good piece of candy just as much as the next person, but I want better for my children, and for that to happen, I need to show them better.  UNREAL candy makes that a lot easier.  I'd seen this candy at CVS and even picked up a pack of the peanut butter cups, which my husband promptly ate, so I hadn't tried them yet.  When I had the opportunity to have an UNREAL party to sample and candies and share with friends and family, I couldn't refuse.  A candy party?  Heck yeah! 
So, first, let me take a moment to tell you a little bit about UNREAL candy. 
Amazingly enough, UNREAL came about because a thirteen year old boy, asked WHY.  Why does candy have to contain so many ingredients that are not only bad for you, but many of which are simply unnecessary?  With the help of his family, UNREAL was born with the mission to UNJUNK your candy.  To make it better for you, and still taste just as sweet and delicious...or even more so!
UNREAL provides many of the great flavor combinations we love in our treats, but without corn syrup, without partially hydrogenated oils, without GMOs, without artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives, and with 40% less sugar per serving on average.  They have added more cacao, real caramel (not corn syrup dyed to look like caramel), more peanuts, more protein, and more fiber.

So, does UNREAL pass a taste test?  We invited some friends and family over for an ice cream social this past weekend to find out what they thought. 

UNREAL was kind enough to send us some supplies, including samples of each type of candy, and brochures to hand out.  The varieties are similar to many already popular types of chocolate candies.  My children really got a kick out of that as we opened the packages. 
UNREAL54 - Chocolate Candy Shells with Peanuts
UNREAL41 - Chocolate Candy Shells
UNREAL5 - Chocolate Caramel Nougat Bar
UNREAL8 - Chocolate Caramel Nougat Bar with Peanuts
UNREAL77 - Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups
I'd have to say, my personal fave is UNREAL8!  So good!!  You can totally tell the ingredients are REAL and quality! 
Check out the Chocolate Candy Shells (UNREAL41!)...the colors are a bit more muted compared to the competition.  I had mixed reviews on these.  About 50/50 either LOVED them or just weren't a fan.  Personally I'm not a fan, but I never was an M&M person anyway (unless they're peanut butter!  Any plans for that UNREAL?)
To get the party started, I made sure everyone knew to take home a goody bag.  These were loaded up with plenty of UNREAL candy samples, and a paper with lots of great information and fun facts. 
The kids were REALLY excited to get their ice cream social on.  I chopped up some candies and placed them on plates so the kids could go to town. 
We put the ice cream in cups and let them add as many toppings as they wished.  We had some kids go for simply a few UNREAL41 and even more who relished the opportunity to have some fun and try a little (or a lot!) of everything. 
They had a blast, and it was nice knowing that the candy was so much better for them, as well as having less sugar and more protein. 
Yum!  We let the kids enjoy themselves in the dining room, while the adults discussed the candy and had our own little sampling in the kitchen.  Of course, we may have helped ourselves to some ice cream and toppings as well.  ;)
Most of the adults were REALLY impressed.  I know I've tried a few more natural foods before that make all of these fantastic claims, and then once I take a bite I realize they're compromised on taste.  Not so with UNREAL, and I think the majority agreed with me on that. 
We'll definitely be UNJUNKING our Halloween with UNREAL.  We were BOOed a few days ago, and had to return the favor to two other families in our neighborhood.  I made sure to include some UNREAL treats to keep the mission going! 

Thanks, UNREAL, for a real Halloween treat!

*I received one or more of the products mentioned above for the purposes of this review through the above mentioned company or representing PR agency. In the event of a giveaway, the prize is shipped by the sponsor and I hold no responsibility. Thank you for reading!

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