Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Indoor Gardening

I wish I had a green thumb.  Really.  I have killed every single plant I've ever had in the house.  I am okay with outside plants...but they have to need little maintenance, because I am just not an outdoors or nature lover for the most part.  I want to enjoy the beauty and the benefits, but I just don't want to be outside long enough to do the work.  Planted a square foot garden last year in Raised Beds.  I got a few zucchinis and yellow squash from it.  A few snap peas, a couple carrots.  Lots of radishes and lettuce.  I planted peppers, pumpkins, cucumbers, and green beans but I wasn't able to get any fruit from the plants.  I set up Compost Bins, and really went all out.  It was fun, but I discovered that I do not like dealing with the bugs!  At all.  I had a feeling that would happen before I even started, but I had to try. 

So I'm thinking about edible landscaping and container gardening and maybe even some indoors too.  I'd love to just have a space in my kitchen for growing fresh veggies and herbs.  A mini greenhouse or something.  Check out this Mushroom Garden, how neat is that?  Have you had any luck growing edibles in your home? 

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