Sunday, April 15, 2012

Customizing my storage, too

Guest post written by Amanda Felton

I love to customize everything in my house to my tastes. That can take little things like just adding a ribbon trim to a drape or painting some cool looking stencils onto a piece of furniture. It's really quite simple. But it does make a world of difference though. Once I buy something for my home, I almost always customize it in one way or another. So I want to do the same with some storage solutions.

I've realized lately that my home has started to look a little bit cluttered so I need a little bit of extra storage to look cute and neaten things up a bit. While I was looking through some ideas for some home storage solutions, I saw something about new windows and knew that I had to read that too. Our home's windows are drafty, old and just don't look very good. So I'm going to use that service to replace all of them.
I found an idea for how to make a custom storage basket and knew that I had to do this, if not for anything else just my cookbooks in my kitchen.

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