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Lemon Law

I remember as a child, hearing a lot about the Lemon Law, when my parents were looking for a new car.  It escapes my mind at the moment, whether or not they had bought a lemon, or were simply thankful for the law being on their side. 

We're not in the market for a new car right now, but I think it's important to be informed.  I just read up on the Lemon Law, and thought I'd share some information with you.  What I found seems to be more specific to California Law, though you can find info on other state Lemon Laws here:

Lemon Law FAQ’s | Commonly asked Lemon Law Questions and Answers

What is a vehicle repurchase?

A vehicle repurchase is a situation where you, the consumer, receive a refund for all of the money you have spend to either purchase or lease the vehicle you are now having difficulty with. This would include the down-payment you extended, as well as any monthly payments. This also includes the licensing costs and any rental cars you’ve had to utilize due to your lemon. And if you’ve had to tow the car, then that will paid for as well. Additionally, your entire loan will be paid in full by the company that manufactured your car. It is true that the automobile manufacturer will receive credit for the utilization of the vehicle. But this only applies to the length of time that you used the car prior to its lemon status. (stop collection harassment California ).

What is a Vehicle Replacement?

“Vehicle replacement” indicates you will get the exact, identical car or truck that you own or lease right now. However, the replacement will be a brand new car in the current model. (And not a lemon!) Your current loan amount (or the terms of your lease) will remain as is (subject to financial approval) and all that will happen is that you just keep making the same loan or lease payments that you make right now on the new car that you received in lieu of the “lemon” vehicle. Your sole expense will be a payment for the time you enjoyed your car prior to the car becoming a lemon.

How will I know if I qualify?

In other words, how do I know if the car I am driving is in fact a lemon? This is where the attorney you chose is essential. The law firm that you select to handle your lemon law case is very important to your success.

Do you need to know whether or not your case qualifies as a lemon under the California lemon law? Do you need an answer quickly and decisively? Then you need to pick up your phone and dial 1-877-885-LEMON

Why Hire A Lemon Lawyer

Any problem that substantially impairs the use and market value of the product and warrantor is unable to make the product free form defects within a reasonable number of attempts. If you bought a malfunctioning vehicle, you may need a lemon law attorney to recover your losses. (stop collection harassment for good!)

Why Consumer Law


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