Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Flameless Candles

Flameless candles were one of the first things I reviewed here at Flip Flop Reviews.  Since trying them out, I have brought them in as part of my decor in many rooms of my home.  Not only are they beautiful, but as demand for them grows, so do the options.  I am able to find scented flameless candles, unscented, any color I could possibly want, flickering models, models with timers, candles that look as if they've already been burned a little so they don't look quite so stark, votives, tea lights, the options are seemingly endless!  I absolutely love incorporating battery operated lights into my decor.

As a mom of two young children, and two fur-babies, I feel more secure using flameless candles in my home.  I can keep them on an end table or in a grouping on my kitchen table, or even in my children's rooms without worry that they may be knocked over and start a fire or that my children or pets will hurt themselves with the flames.  I do still keep and enjoy a few regular wax candles in my home, but I keep them all up high enough that they are not a worry, and only light them every once in awhile.  I have flameless candles set on timers in my children's rooms to use as nightlights, in my own bedroom and master bathroom for ambiance, and in my kitchen to give off a soft glow.  I love that I can turn these on, and if I happen to fall asleep, no worries!  Most of them are on timers and will turn off by themselves anyway, and the rest, the worst that happens is the batteries die.  Luckily I use rechargeable batteries on the majority!

Do you use flameless candles in your home?  Any favorites you'd like to recommend?

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