Tuesday, June 5, 2012

KM Fantasy's Massage Oil Candles

KM Fantasy has only recently launched their product line as of this past January.  I'm so excited to be able to share a little about their fantastic line of quality massage oil candles with you! 

I was sent two five ounce candles in the Luscious Lemon Souffle, and the Arousing Chocolat Mint scents.  Lemon is one of my absolute favorite scents and I practically squealed when I heard they made their massage candles with in Lemon Souffle.  I so wish I could share scents through the computer, because oh my goodness do they smell amazing!  Very true to their names and good enough to eat!  There is also a Coconut scent available, though I wasn't able to sample that (too bad, because I know I've said it here plenty of times, I adore the scent of coconut!).  I love that these scents are more of dessert treats than the flowery perfume scents that you often find with massage oils and candles. 

They each came packaged in beautiful little drawstring bags, and are perfect to give as gifts, or to purchase for an evening of romance and pampering for yourself and someone special.  The tins are gorgeous and they're so easy to open, and close securely. 

To use these candles, simply light them and enjoy the fragance for about twenty minutes.  Once a nice pool of oil has melted, you can then blow out the candle, and pour the oil into your hands or directly onto the body and massage the warm, scented oil in to the skin.  The warmth, the scent, and the massage together are incredibly relaxing.  They are specifically formulated to melt at a low temperature so that they don't burn your skin.

These candles are made in the USA, with top quality ingredients.  They are listed as 100% natural.  I have to admit I was skeptical about that, because really, not so many products can say that these days.  I was pleasantly surprised when I turned over a tin to read the ingredient list to find that the list was short and simple!  Coconut wax/oil, soy wax/oil, apricot wax/oil, caprylic/capric, aloe vera oil, vitamin e oil, shea butter, and jojoba oil.  That's it!  Quality, indeed!  The only thing I didn't immediately recognize was caprylic, which turns out is just a fatty acid present in oils, used in many perfumes.  If you know more about that ingredient, let me know!  I'd love a comment with a more detailed explanation.

Individual candles will run you about $14.99, or KM Fantasy offers package deals they call the "One Night Stand" that include your choice of one massage candle AND lingerie for just $29.99.  The "One Night Stand" is available in both men's and women's sets!  (Psst!  I see a 20% coupon code for new customers listed on the site!  Hurry though, it says for a limited time only!)

KM Fantasy's massage candles are so heavenly, that they're worthy of the stars!  In fact, these massage oil candles were handed out to some of of the finest stars this past February, at the Kathy Duliaka's Annual Oscar Gifting Suite at the Lexington House in Hollywood.  Stars such as Morgan Freeman, Glenn Close, Tina Fey, and Viola Davis are just a few.  I'm sure they enjoyed them just as much as I have!  I've seen on Twitter that Charlie Sheen quite enjoys these as well!

I have had these candles for a little over two months now, and used both multiple times. They're still going strong...and I have to admit I've lit these a time or two without massages in mind just because they smell SO amazingly delicious!  I don't normally like candles or body products that smell like chocolate, but I've really enjoyed the Mint Chocolat.  Now, if only it didn't give me a craving for Thin Mints, hehe!

I encourage you to check KM Fantasy out for not only their massage candles, but also their selection of lingerie and Kama Sutra products! 

*I received one or more of the products mentioned above for the purposes of this review through the above mentioned company or representing PR agency. In the event of a giveaway, the prize is shipped by the sponsor and I hold no responsibility. Thank you for reading!


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