Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Blue Q Review!

Blue Q totally deserves a spot in a thesaurus right next to the word hilarious and they also need a special mention next to awesome..  When I stumbled upon their website I just could not stop laughing.  They have such an eclectic variety of items (everything from tin banks, soap, gum, bags, t-shirts, lip balm, dish towels, ceramic toothbrush holders, lotion, even raman noodles!) and almost all have such a fun and quirky humor to them.  I even recognized some of the items as I had seen them in stores (and in photos taken by friends in stores and posted online).

Blue Q is owned by the Nash brothers (Mitch and Seth), and they created Blue Q in 1988.  I don't think I could honestly do a better job of telling you about their fabulous company than they do on their About Us page.  You really should check it out. 

I was SUPER excited to find a box from Blue Q on my doorstep filled to the brim with items for my mom and I to review*.  I wanted to dig into everything right then and there but I patiently waited until we could get together to divvy things up.  While I loved everything in the box, I especially loved that Blue Q took the time to personalize our box a little bit by adding items like Understand Your Mother Breath Spray, Be a Better Parent Tea, and Enjoy Spending Time With your Mother Gum, since we are a mother - daughter team here.  :o)  -Danielle 

I thought they were hilariously funny and would make great gag gifts.  I would even use these in Easter baskets for older children (ie - over 21) -Jedea

We recieved a fantatsic selection of teas, including:
Instant Karma Tea - It's laundry day for your soul. Organic rooibos coconut chai tea. Caffeine free.

Get Along with your Co-workers Tea - Artificial joy and harmony... now in handy tea bag form. Organic black tea with orange peel.

Be a Better Parent Tea - Time out for big people. An organic blend of fragrant orange peel, chamomile and hibiscus.

and Erase Your Past Tea - Because don't we all have something we'd like to forget? Organic Oolong tea with lively bits of orange peel.

Each box of tea contains sixteen individually wrapped teabags, and not only are the boxes and descriptions enough to make your day better, but the tea tastes great too.  I love that they care enough to make sure they deliver with the quality of the tea.  I have enjoyed several cups, and while I can't really vouch that they help to erase your past or make you a better parent, they can certainly help you enjoy holding a nice of cup of tea for a few minutes and enjoying the warmth and aroma on a rainy day.  - Danielle

Blue Q also sent us four of their hand sanitizers... because well, they feel that if you're not sanitizing, you're getting infected.  I love these.  First of all, I *am* a bit of a Germ-a-Phobe, and I have quite a few OCD tendencies.  I also own a dog, who certainly does her fair share of slobbering. -Danielle ...and perfect for the boys in this family, Maybe You Touched Your Genitals.  Yep.  (Yeah maybe the whole world touched their genitals before they touched their shopping cart, so glad to have a bottle of this! - Jedea) These would make awesome little gifts (Easter basket, Christmas stocking...yeah, I'm thinking Christmas already, what?) for someone in the medical profession who needs to sanitize their hands often.

Danielle's personal favorite!

We recieved a selection of gum, and we really just loved these.  I even saved one for my husband and snuck it into his pocket on Valentine's Day!  Can you guess which one??  - Danielle
Also, in our family, being a you-know-what *ahem-see photo* is something to be proud of (to a point!) so some of these were perrrrrfect for us!
::Jedea snickers looking at the picture of all the gum::  Yeah, I thought there were great, and if I had a full time job I would definitely leave packs of these on my co-workers desks (I would just walk by randomly and think to myself "Yeah, she deserves this." and drop a pack of Could You Be a Bigger B*tch gum on her desk.  That's just how I roll.). - Jedea

Last but not least, we pulled out of the box an adorable selection of little coin purses!  They are made with 95% recycled material and are of the Very Best Quality.

These are SO cute!!  The girls instantly claimed most of these.  I absolutely LOVE the Lunch Money purse, and as ladies who love to shop, we can definitely see the humor in the "I NEED to BUY something" purse...because well, sometimes you just need to (buy something from Blue Q!)

I thought these were super cute, especially the lunch money purse for elementary aged children to have their very own special little purse for their lunch money.  - Jedea


*Blue Q provided us with all of the items pictured for review.

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