Tuesday, March 15, 2011

EdenFantasys Highlight

Once or twice a month I'll be doing a feature on EdenFantasys.*  I might talk about the company, I might highlight a product.  I promise you that anything I feature will be tasteful (and photos posted here will be safe for little eyes), but please keep in mind that when you click a link to visit the EdenFantasys website that content there is meant for adults only

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys storeI have only recently been introduced to EdenFantasys though posts I have seen on blogs I frequent.  I actually entered a giveaway not too long ago for a gift certificate and won!  I love winning just as much as the next person, so I was excited when I saw that I had won and quickly went to check out their selection.  I was happy to find that there really is something for everyone available at EdenFantasys.  From wild, to romantic... you name it, they probably carry it, plus it seems like there is always a free gift with your order!  I purchased a lovely scented candle.  Their shipping is fast and discreet (and they state they will never send you unsolicited mail -- email or postal, so far in my own experience I have found that to be true) and I would absolutely order from them again if I am ever in the market for something that they carry.  They recently moved to Atlanta and are offering lots of great specials right now too.

What I really like about EdenFantasys is the community aspect of the site.  You can find reviews (both written and video), helpful forums (with polls, discussions, questions, and answers), interviews, a book club, and the EdenCafe blog.  At EdenFantasys they celebrate that sexualty can be expressed in many different ways.  Their community members and contributors offer a wealth of information and education on topics relevant to sexuality and I personally found browsing their forums to be very interesting.

*I will recieve a gift card in exchange for my posts about EdenFantasys.


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