Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Costume Supercenter Review offers an amazing selection for all of your costume needs.  Adults, teens, kids, and even pets can all find costumes at 

Halloween is my favorite holiday.  It has been for as long as I can remember.  I love dressing up, and it's even more fun now that I have my own children to enjoy the magic of make believe with.  However I've had so much fun with my girl's dressing up these past few years, I haven't bothered to dress up myself.  Browsing through the selection available at Costume Supercenter (it's never to early to start thinking about Halloween costumes!), I decided it might be fun if we all dressed as pirates this year.  The girls love pirates, I was just sure they'd be thrilled with the idea, and I love that it is something the whole family can easily dress up as together.  They have a fantastic selection of pirate costumes and accessories.  Since my browsing was for a review, I decided to get a costume for myself rather than just one that the girls would fight over for now.  So I headed over to the plus sized costumes (I wear a size 14, and I'd rather a costume be too big than too small, I can always take it in a little myself if needed). 

While I saw several cute pirate costumes for women, I decided on the Buccaneer Beauty Adult Plus CostumeIt offered the most coverage, as well as more versatility.  I can mix and match and add my own finishing touches with this costume.  The entire costume includes a head scarf, a top, a corset belt, and a skirt.  I love the skirt and the corset belt, but I am not crazy about the red shirt, personally.  I think white would look better.    Overall the costume is well made, and with care, it will last me for as many years as I feel like being a pirate for Halloween. 

*I was sent the above costume for the purposes of this review.  

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  1. The flip flops are so cute my granddaughters have been wanting me to embellish them some.

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