Thursday, February 16, 2012

Come On, Summer!

All of this crazy weather has me wishing for Summer!  It will be freezing, and then beautiful for a few days, and then freezing and snowing.  As I'm sure you all know, we recently purchased a new home, and I am itching to get things done in the garage and in the front and back yards. 

I'm not sure that it will be this Summer, but eventually I'd like to put a nice big pool in our back yard.  I have such fond memories of swimming the Summer away as a child, and my girls have so much fun whenenver we're able to go swimming.  There is just such joy in splashing around in a nice cool pool on a hot day.  It would be so nice and convenient to have our own pool here at home.  It's a little intimidating though, I don't really know much about having a pool of my own, other than it will need quite a bit of upkeep and maintenence. 

A quick internet search tells me where I can get some decently priced pool supplies, and pool accessories.  Lots of information on how to care for a pool as well.  So, who here has a pool in their backyard?  Any tips?  Advice?  Suggestions on what to go for?  I want this to be our dream back yard!  We are limited on space, but our back yard is plenty big enough for a nice sized pool. 

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  1. This NC weather is driving me crazy too! One day I am in flip flops next day we are out in scarves and coats. We are also trying to fix our backyard so let me know what you find...


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