Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Valence Group

Do you work with chemicals, materials, or a related sector?  I just heard about The Valence Group.  Valence itself means the relative capacity of chemical elements to merge, unite,
react or interact. This unique group specializes in offering mergers and aquisitions services to companies and investors in those sectors.  This group has years of experience with a focus on these sectors and a wealth of knowledge and direct experience on important issues within these fields both asthe advisor and the client, so they know just how to benefit you. 

The Valence Group has advised on over 200 closed chemicals and related M&A transactions, and worked with companies active in over 100 sub-sectors.  They provide full service as a chemical investment bank  and chemical advisory , with locations in London, Shanghai, and New York.  Plus, they are independent, which keeps them free of issues and commitments that other banks may have.  If you need help with chemical mergers and acquisitions, you might consider contacting The Valence Group.

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