Friday, March 16, 2012

Neater Feeder Review

Spoil the pet.  Spare the floor.

I love my pets.  Love them!  They have so much personailty.

We have a two year old black lab, named Ciara (Kiera, not Sierra).  She is FUN.  Hyper, and very loving.  She's such a people dog (person, if you'd ask her.  She thinks she's just one of the kids!).  We got her from a local SPCA when she was just three months.  She is SO good with the kids.  They can lay all over her and she doesn't mind.  When she does, every once in awhile, want to get away, she just gets up and comes over to sit on my or my husbands feet, or to lay in her safe spot, her crate. 

We also have a four year old cat, named Jack.  He's a tough guy, and he used to get in fights with the neighborhood strays when he was a little younger.  As a result, despite our best efforts, he has some problems with his right eye.  He can see out of it, but the muscles around it are a bit droopy.  We tease that he's One Eyed Jack, the Pirate Cat!  He can be very sweet and he's mellowed out a lot from his tough-cat personality when he was younger, but he mostly prefers to keep to himself.  After his big fight, we began to make him an indoor cat.  He runs outside every once in awhile now, but he doesn't wander far. 

I knew having pets would be rewarding, but would also be a lot of work.  What I didn't expect?  ALL THE MESS!

So, today I wanted to tell you about this great pet product I recently tried out, called the Neater Feeder.  While you would think it would be more likely to be the dog, our cat Jack, is the number one culprit in this house for being a messy eater.  He likes to scoot his bowls around to various locations and then "bury" them.  As a result, I would often find trails of cat food leading up to his bowl, or water splashed all over my kitchen floor.  Not fun to clean up, and the water splashes are annoying, and not to mention they can be dangerous as they can be slipped on.  I've put mats under the food bowls, but he doesn't care and they don't stop his mission to bury his bowl somewhere else in the kitchen.  He's a very determined cat!  Not only that, but whenever I go to put food or water in his bowls, he runs over and headbutts me or the bowl, causing spills!  So when I heard about the Neater Feeder, I was intrigued. 

Inspired by a pup with no table manners whatsoever, Duke, the Neater Feeder is made for both dogs, and cats.  It is designed to help protect your floors and keep the mess at bay.  Check it out:

It features stainless steel food and water dishes, that are set into a stylish plastic (recyclable polypropylene) holder.  This holder is unique because it has a slight slope, and a filter for spilled water to drain down into.  The filter separates that spilled food and the water trickles down into the bottom compartment for super easy clean up!  It also has walls, to keep food and water contained.  It really is mess free!  I've never seen another product like it.

Jack didn't waste a moment trying out his new Neater Feeder!

You can get leg extensions to pop on to the Neater Feeder to make it the perfect height for your pet.  This allows them to eat more comfortable, and the bowls are at the right height for your pet to eat comfortably, there is already less mess. This feeder is large and "heavy" enough and has great non slip rubber grips on the bottom so that my Jack isn't able to easily push it around all over the floor, as a result, he doesn't bother.  We did not need to use the leg extensions, but this feeder sits up a little higher than some other pet bowls, so I can definiely see that he is more comfortable eating from these dishes. 

The Neater Feeder is available in Small, Medium, and Large sizes for dogs.  The small size is also perfect for cats, and can be purchased specifically for cats with shallower bowls.  Here is the size chart that you can find on the Neater Feeder website.

Right now, you can get these in your choice of two colors.  A burgundy/red or a gold.  We were sent the burgundy/red and it's a beautiful color. 

We keep his bowls in a more "secluded" area because otherwise the dog bothers him while he tries to eat, or the dog will decide to eat his food FOR him!  This seems to work out nicely.  Jack can easily get to his food and it's a little more blocked off from Ciara.

It is SO nice to not walk in to my kitchen in the morning and find (or step in!) trails of spilled food and sloshed water on the floor.  I'm planning to purchase a Neater Feeder for my dog as well.  She's not nearly as messy with her food (A lab, waste food?!  Ha!), but I love the idea of the leg extenders for her to put this bowl up to a more comfortable height for her to eat at. 

It's very easy to clean, as well.  A major plus!  All parts of the Neater Feeder are dishwasher safe, but I put only the stainless steel bowls in the dishwasher and I just wipe the plastic down in the sink with a little dish soap and sponge when needed because the plastic parts are a little bulky.  I have enough to fill my dishwasher with at the end of the day!  :o)

A percentage of purchases also go to Pals for Life!  I love knowing that I'm helping to support a great cause when I'm purchasing products that I would buy anyway.

*I received one or more of the products mentioned above for the purposes of this review through the above mentioned company or representing PR agency. In the event of a giveaway, the prize is shipped by the sponsor and I hold no responsibility. Thank you for reading!

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