Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pure Romance Review

Recently I was delighted to find a sweet smelling package on my doorstep from Pure Romance.  Now, I'd heard of Pure Romance products before and even know of a few consultants.  I won a small prize in a blog giveaway a few months ago, but I had not had the pleasure of experiencing any of these particular products for myself until this box was delivered.  As a complete and total, self-proclaimed, girly-girl, I was tickled by the explosion of PINK as I opened the package (complete with pink tissue paper!).

I received an assortment of five products that appealed to me.  I did not choose scents or colors, and amazingly, I'm happy to report that I love every one of them!

Kiss and Tell Lip Gloss retails for $14, and while that is more than I normally pay for lip gloss, I think this is worth the splurge.  First of all, it delivers a nice tingle that not only feels great to you, but is specially formulated to give kissing your partner a little extra spark.  The gloss is thick and luxurious, goes on smooth and really delivers on the shine, without being too over the top or sticky.  The raspberry color I received is amazing, and now I really want to try the red and pink glosses.  There are five different color choices available, check them out here.

Glow, Shimmering Body Silk with Pheromones retails for $18.  This little two ounce bottle packs quite a punch, and a little goes a long way!  While available in three scent choices including Island Breeze, Mangosteen, and Plumeria, I was sent the Island Breeze.  Glow is a body shimmer that you can apply anywhere you want to highlight with shine.  Personally I like to apply a little to my shoulders, collar bone and cleavage when I wear this.  As a bonus it includes moisturizers, so the shimmer does not at all dry out your skin.  I am loving the Island Breeze scent, though Plumeria sounds divine as well and I wouldn't mind giving that a try. 

I was surprised at how big the bottle of Kiss, Refreshing Body Splash was.  For $19, you get 4 ounces of body splash, in your choice of Island Breeze, Mangosteen, or Plumeria.  The Island Breeze is tropical and heavenly, perfect for warm summer nights, or to remind you of them on a cold winters day.  Just spray on your body for a refreshing mist and a burst of scent.  This has been my go-to body splash lately, and let me tell you I have quite the collection of other body splashes. 

Body Bling is not something I would normally purchase, but I was intrigued on hearing the description.  I am pale.  I mean, seriously, I could be Casper's cousin pale so I was nervous this would be entirely too dark on my skin, but it was perfect.  Here is a sweeping of this powder on my hand so you can see, though I realize now I should have put my other hand next to it and asked someone else to take the picture so you'd have a good comparison.

It adds a bit of color and shimmer, without being too dark if you have pale skin.  If you are more tan or have darker skin, I still think the gold shimmer in this would look fabulous.  I was sent the Cinnamon, and it smells and tastes amazing too!  I like to dust a little on my d√©colletage.  Unfortunately this was the only product I had a complaint about too, though it is minor...and it is simply that this is a bit messy.  It's hard to get the powder on the (included) brush, without making a bit of a mess.  If the opening were a bit wider, and there were more of a lip to the container that was not filled to the top with powder perhaps?  Or maybe I'm just a messy powder user.  :o)  I tend to make a bit of a mess on my dresser with any loose powder I use. 

And finally I will tell you about Entice.  For $16.50, you get 7 ounces of lotion in a convenient pump top bottle.  As with a few of the other products I mentioned, it is available in Island Breeze, Plumeria, and Mangosteen.  I was able to sample the Island Breeze, which I will tell you again with no shame that I LOVE!  It's pretty basic as far as lotion goes... it moisturizes, not a whole lot else to say about that.  It makes my skin happy, but it really makes my senses all know how much I love pretty smells.  :o)  I wish I could share the scent through the computer!  I love that it matches the scent of the Glow and Kiss Body Splash.  While I sometimes do mix and match my scents for the day, sometimes it's nice to just use one for everything. 

I love how pampered and sexy these products have the ability to make you feel.  I would definitely recommend you check them out. 

*I received one or more of the products mentioned above for the purposes of this review through the above mentioned company or representing PR agency. In the event of a giveaway, the prize is shipped by the sponsor and I hold no responsibility. Thank you for reading!

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